Does anyone actually read these?

   While fiercely honest and intensely firm in my principles, I find that life is most easily endured when it is not taken too seriously, and that the deepest pleasure arises from moments of absurdity: a beautifully thick groundhog digging up bones at a cemetery, or a Zamboni catching fire at a hockey rink.

   Do not be put off by my aesthetic! In person I am friendly, timid, unassuming, and always searching for the right words, but not always succeeding. I function best with patient, perceptive souls with an open mind who are willing to embrace differences rather than correct them. Though the time we share can only be in private, I will do my best to listen, show compassion, and help you breathe just a little easier and face the world with a little more vitality than yesterday. 





115 lbs.

Black hair

Hazel eyes

Size XS, 34B

Shoe Size 6

One piercing